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Our first grammatical post from 華語常用句型與結構330 or “Common Chinese Patterns 330” in English. Most of you reading this will probably already know this structure, but it is a very common one and extremely useful. Enjoy^^


解釋 Explanation

Use to indicate a big difference between two observations. An adjective is often used before 得 as the predicate.



例句 Examples

  • 我家比他家遠得多。

My home is much farther than his.

  • 塑膠碗比瓷碗輕得多。

A plastic bowl is much lighter than a porcelain one.

  • 我認為健康比金錢重要得多。

I believe health is much more important than money.

  • 郊外的空氣比市內的好得多。

The air in the suburbs is much better than in the city.


對話 Dialogues

  • A: 今年的收成怎麼樣?

How was the harvest this year?

  • B: 比去年好得多。

Much better than last year.


  • A: 德國車品質真好。

German cars are high quality.

  • B: 可是,價錢也比國產的貴得多。

However, they are much more expensive than domestically made ones.


練習 Exercises

Fill in the blank with the expression. 用「A比B…得多」完成句子。

  • 最近我學習很努力,不像以前那樣愛玩了,所以這次考試的成績______________________________。
  • 我的房間有20平方米,他的只有8平方米,______________________________。


Leave your answers in a comment! 🙂


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I thought this might be good for some of our gamers out there. I have also seen the majority of these words from playing video games in Chinese and from signing up to websites. On a side note, I absolutely love the word 魅力. I learned it while playing Final Fantasy XI Online in Japanese. The character 魅 is very aesthetically pleasing and together with 力 it completes my little OCD heart. 🙂



  1. 玩家 – Player
  2. 伺服器 – Server
  3. 線上社群 – Online community
  4. 月費 – Monthly fee
  5. 註冊 – Subscribe
  6. 會員 – Member
  7. 多人玩家 – Multi-player
  8. 單人玩家 – Single player
  9. 點數卡 – Loyalty card
  10. 升級 – Level up
  11. 角色扮演 – Role-playing
  12. 轉職 – Job change
  13. 虛擬實境 – Virtual reality
  14. 攻略 – Strategy
  15. 外掛 – Plug-in
  16. 等級 – Level
  17. 連線緩慢 – Lag
  18. 過場 – Cutscene
  19. 遊戲結束 – Game over
  20. 遊戲設定 – Game settings



  • 他對線上遊戲的線上社群很好奇。

He is curious about the online community and online games.

  • 為了瞭解線上遊戲的魅力所在,他在最近最受歡迎的線上遊戲註冊會員,開始玩遊戲。

In order to get to know the charm of online games, he subscribed as a member of the most popular online game recently and started playing.

  • 不過他的電腦沒更新到最新版本,遊戲的每個過場動畫跑得很慢

However, his computer had not been updated to the latest version, so every cutscene in the game had serious lag time.


短文 補充字彙

  1. 好奇 – Curious
  2. 線上遊戲 – Online game
  3. 魅力 – Charm
  4. 受歡迎 – Popular
  5. 最近 – Recently
  6. 電腦 – Computer
  7. 更新 – Update
  8. 最新的 – Latest
  9. 版本 – Version
  10. 嚴重 – Serious


More to come!


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Some basic computer vocabulary for you. I have my own system in Chinese (zh_TW) and I have seen all of these words except for Microsoft, Mac, and CPU, just from using my computer. Those three words are usually just written in English. An add-on word for you that wasn’t in this book is 應用程式, which means an app or application, such as those on your smart phone.



  1. 微軟 – Microsoft
  2. 麥金塔 – Mac
  3. 系統 – System
  4. 視窗作業系統 – Windows
  5. 處理器 – Processor
  6. 記憶體 – Memory (RAM)
  7. 位元 – Bit
  8. 版本 – Version
  9. 硬體 – Hardware
  10. 軟體 – Software
  11. 程式 – Program
  12. 驅動程式 – Driver
  13. 使用者 – User
  14. 磁碟 – Disk
  15. 中央處理器 – CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  16. 輸入 – Input
  17. 輸出 – Output
  18. 檔案 – File
  19. 界面 – Interface
  20. 安裝 – Install



  • 作為這套系統的最終使用者,他希望界面中央處理器都要是最高品質,

As the end user of this system, he demands the best quality interface and CPU,

  • 程式得是最新版本,外如頂級的硬體軟體,不管多少錢都行。

the latest program version, together with state of the art hardware and software — regardless of how much they cost.

  • 雖然他仍需要一位專門的電腦工程師來幫他安裝這些設定,但我們很樂意提供服務。

Although he also needs a specialized computer engineer to help him to install and configure the computer, we are happy to provide the service.


短文 補充字彙

  1. 最終的 – End
  2. 要求 – Demand
  3. 品質 – Quality
  4. 最新的 – Latest
  5. 無論如何 – Regardless
  6. 花費 – Cost
  7. 專門的 – Specialized
  8. 電腦工程師 – Computer engineer
  9. 設定 – Configure
  10. 服務 – Service


More computer vocabulary to come!


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So we have some Western-style breakfast foods vocabulary. I thought this might be useful for being able to talk about what you’ve had for breakfast. I used a lot of these words when I was in Taiwan ordering 蛋糕 🙂



  1. 培根 (péigēn) – Bacon
  2. 奶油 (nǎiyóu) – Butter
  3. 鼓片 (gǔpiàn) – Cereal
  4. 咖啡 (kāfēi) – Coffee
  5. 玉米片 (yùmǐ piàn) – Cornflakes
  6. 糖霜玉米片 (tángshuāng yùmǐ piàn) – Frosted cornflakes
  7. (jīdàn) – Egg
  8. 法式土司 (fàshì tǔsī) – French toast
  9. 燕麥捲 (màiyàn juǎn) – Granola
  10. 火腿 (huǒ tuǐ) – Ham
  11. 果醬 (guǒjiàng) – Jam
  12. 貝果 (bèiguǒ) – Bagel
  13. 美奶滋 (měinǎizī) – Mayonnaise
  14. 英式鬆餅 (yīngshì sōngbǐng) – English muffin
  15. 鬆餅 (sōngbǐng) – Waffle
  16. 煎餅 (jiānbǐng) – Pancake
  17. 蛋包 (dànbāo) – Omelet
  18. 燕麥片 (màiyànpiàn) – Oatmeal
  19. 薯餅 (shǔbǐng) – Hash browns
  20. 烤土司 (kǎo tǔsī) – Toast



  • 我媽媽很喜歡西式早餐,因為西式早餐跟中式的比較不油膩

My mother loves Western-style breakfasts because they are less greasy than Chinese-style ones.

  • 如果她起得早,就煎些培根法式土司、有時也會吃火腿蛋包

If she gets up early, she has fried bacon, eggs, French toast, and sometimes she also likes to have some ham and omelets.

  • 如果起得晚,弄點烤土司和自製的果醬並不費功夫,還可以來杯黑咖啡

If she gets up late, it’s still quick and easy to have toast with homemade jam, plus a cup of black coffee.


短文 補充字彙

  1. 西式的 (xīshì de) – Western-style
  2. 早餐 (zǎocān) – Breakfast
  3. 油膩的 (yǒunì de) – Greasy
  4. 起床 (qǐchuáng) – Get up
  5. 早的 (zǎo de) – Early
  6. (jiān) – Fry
  7. 晚的 (wǎn de) – Late
  8. 快的 (kuài de) – Quick
  9. 簡單 (jiǎndān) – Easy
  10. 自製的 (zìzhì de) – Homemade


I hope this was useful!

New learning materials!

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During my trip to Taiwan, I picked up a bunch of books and haven’t really touched them since I got back. I thought it would be a good idea to pick some of the books and use them as topics for posts on here. I’ll be using the following books:



I’ll start with my posts soon. If any of you have any requests for things that you want to see, leave a comment and I’ll be sure to take it into consideration. 🙂