Eat my what now?!?

Another funny anecdote! Here is another sentence that my Taiwanese friend told me about.


So this means, “I’m going to cook some noodles for you (to eat).” Nothing wrong with this sentence. 下麵 literally means “down noodles” and refers to the action of putting noodles into a pot to boil them. A synonym could be 煮麵.

Now if we look at this same sentence written in simplified characters, it becomes…


In the simplified script, 麵 was simplified to 面 which already exists and means “face; side; surface”. 下面 actually means “below; under; next; the following”.

So what does this mean for us? Merging two characters into one has consequences. Let’s look.

「我下面給你吃」means “I’ll give you my lower side to eat.” or basically, “I’m giving you my cock to eat.” Very elegant, wouldn’t you agree?

So in the simplified script the sentence can be rather ambiguous when written, you’ve been warned!