Eragon Ch.2 pt.4

We are looking at sentences from 龍騎士:飛龍聖戰(Eragon). Today we will look at the fourth and final sentence of this paragraph.



龍騎士 第二章4

: He
: very
驚訝: surprised, astonished
: she
竟然: unexpectedly, to one’s surprise, actually
: to walk
: aspect particle showing completion
那麼久: that long (THAT long)
: all, everyone, everything.1
沒有: have not, quite literally.
被一隻狼或熊抓到: been snatched by a wolf or bear.

Using 被 makes a sentence passive. The construction is 「被 + Noun(if there is one) + Verb (+ some sort of aspectual marker)」 and it means “(By noun [if there is one]) verb[in passive form].“※

So putting this all together, we get a sentence that literally says, “He very surprised she unexpectedly walked that long even have not by wolf or bear been snatched.” In our modern tongue we would say…

“He was surprised that she had actually come this far without having been snatched up by a wolf or bear.”

That’s it for this little paragraph. Let me know if you have enjoyed it and if you would like to see more sentences from the book in the future. If so, I will try to vary the difficulty of the sentences so everyone can profit.

Also, if you have any requests, please don’t hesitate to make them. I have video games and a few books in Chinese, so I could take from those as well. Leave a comment and share the site with your friends^^

※ I will go over 被 in more depth in a later post.

  1. Here the 都 plays the same role as the contruction 連…都/也, however, the 連 cannot be used here in the passive voice. [return]