Listening comprehension

Unfortunately, my headset broke recently so I cannot chat on Skype with native speakers at the moment. Therefore, I am watching Taiwanese variety shows. You can find a TON at Sugoideas. They are all posted on Youtube, and you can either watch them online or download them using a website like KeepVid.

康熙來了 is a good one for listening. They do interviews of famous people in Asia. 天才衝衝衝 is very funny, but there is less conversation.

Aside from variety shows, the website also has Taiwanese dramas. So if that is what you prefer, they have a bunch of those as well in the same format.

I’ll leave you with this video from 娛樂@亞洲. It may be a bit girly, but I find the woman’s voice very easy to understand and it is great practice for me.