More examples of 被

Here are 2 more examples of 被 that I have found in my daily studying.

海綿寶寶(Spongebob Squarepants)



“The wire has been cut, how annoying.”(lit. very annoying)


Eragon bei


  1. 在…後: behind …
  2. 他身: his body
  3. 也就是: is also
  4. 鹿群: deer herd
  5. 之前: before
  6. : to stay (first tone)
  7. 地方: place
  8. 一大圈: a large ring, a large circle
  9. 樹和草: trees and grass
  10. : all
  11. 燒焦: to burn, to scorch
  12. 許多: many, a lot of
  13. 松樹: pine tree
  14. 光禿禿: bald, naked
  15. 立著: standing (站立著, but when object has no feet, you use 立著)
  16. 在…外面: outside of …
  17. 焦黑: burned black
  18. 圈子: circle, ring
  19. 壓平: to flatten

So literally this gives us, “Behind his body, is also previous deer herd staying place, a large circle of trees and grass all been burned, many pine trees nakedly standing, grass that is outside of burned black circle all been flattened.”

In normal English we have…

“Behind him, where the deer herd had just been, a large circle of trees and grass had been burned. Many pine trees stood bald and outside of the blackened circle the grass had been flattened.”

There you go, as requested a longer sentence from Eragon, as well as 3 real-life examples of 被. I hope you have enjoyed this post.^^