More inconsistencies in simplification pt.3

3. 韋


Here we have 韋 and 衛 in 4 characters that have not been simplified.


Here is where things become uneven. The normal simplification for 韋 is 韦. I would have no problem with that…if it were consistent. So most characters containing 韋 have had it simplified to 韦, makes sense. However, look at 衛. A new generic character has been created. 卫 is nothing more than a symbol. It gives no phonetic or semantic hint to help us read or understand it.

It is only has three strokes so it is much quicker to write and I don’t find it hard at all to remember. However, it does not follow the same rules as the rest of the 韋 simplifications and as we saw in the first image, some of them were not even simplified! These are not super rare characters that I pulled out of some ancient book, they are characters that are used. I even have a friend who has 暐 in his name.

韋暐衛 韦暐卫 Which do you find easier?