More inconsistencies in simplification pt.5

5. 韱


It takes a few seconds to write, but I find 韱 very beautiful as a character. Apparently the Chinese government didn’t have a problem with it either. Or…did they?


Ack! They did it again!! Why?!? Now we have 佥 in the first character used to replace 韱, but 佥 is the simplification of 僉. How did this happen? There are two characters in the traditional script, 簽 and 籤, that were both simplified to 签. Great…now 签 holds two different meanings.

The last two character have had their 韱s replaced by 千. Again, we need some consistency. Right now we have 3 different ways to write this phonetic component in the simplified.

韱佥千 in simplified. 韱 in traditional.

The simplified script seems to be getting less and less simple with further study.