Reasons for not posting

Hey all. So I haven’t been posting recently for several reasons. Firstly, I got a new netbook, so I no longer have to mooch off of my roommate’s. Secondly, I decided to make the switch to Ubuntu (Linux) and have left Windows to all of you guys. I have been enjoying it immensely and couldn’t be happier with it. Lastly, I have just started school up again, so my free time is somewhat limited now.

Recently I have been working on finding a good way to be able to continue playing Final Fantasy VII in Chinese on Ubuntu, and after a while of searching around, I found a suitable method and here are the results.

FF7 Linux

So yeah, I can continue to play it and not have to reboot into Windows to do so. I think I may be trying to start posting again. I need to find some subjects to talk about though.

If any of you have any ideas or have anything you want me to go over, leave a comment or contact me.

See you soon.