The inconsistency of the 又 simplification

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We have seen some inconsistencies in the simplification process in previous posts. Today we are going to look at characters whose parts were simplified to 又. 又(you4) is a character that already exists in the traditional script. In addition to this, 又 is already used as a character component, e.g., 友.


Here is an incomplete list of such simplifications.

 1) 堇 was simplified to 又.

又_漢(You may ignore the difference in how 堇 looks from the actual characters. It is actually the same character, it has just been written differently over time.)



 2) 雚 was simplified to 又.



 3) 壴 was simplified to 又.



4) 堇 was simplified to 又.

又_僅(Different from #1 above)


5) 䖒 was simplified to 又.



6) 睪 was simplified to 又.



7) 奚 was simplified to 又.



8) 登 was simplified to 又.



9) 鳳 was simplified to 凤.



10) 攴 (often looks like 攵 when on the right) was simplified to 又.



11) 對 was simplified to 对.



 12) Some characters with repeated parts had the bottom half converted to 又.



13) Some characters had entire sections changed to 又.



As you can see, there is a lot of inconsistency here. Again, this is not a complete list, these are just some of the ones that I know of and was able to find. With all of these variations, I believe  it makes it more difficult to remember a character’s etymology and how it should be pronounced.


Happy learning!

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