Unfortunate pause in blog creation

Unfortunately the Internet is no longer working in my room, so the blog is on hold until that gets fixed. In the meantime, I am reading the English translation of 文字學概要 by 裘錫圭 (“Chinese Writing” by Qiu Xigui). The book was recommended to me and it looks very promising. I believe it will help my understanding of the history of the Chinese writing system. For anyone who is interested I will post the book’s information in this post once I can get on a computer (typing this from my iPhone.)

Also my post on the simplification process is also postponed until I finish reading this book. I would like to have the best knowledge while writing it, as it will take a while to write it well.

I hope to find a way very soon to again have Internet access in my room. Until then… leave me a comment on what you think of the site so far.

Happy studying!